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Plumbing tips when moving house

Moving house is one of the most stressful and complicated things we have to do in everyday life. There’s more than enough to worry about with the paperwork alone, let alone the actual bricks and mortar. Nevertheless it’s important to ensure the plumbing and heating of your new home is up to scratch, that you’re prepared, informed and ready to have a smooth and positive experience in your new home. We thought it might be helpful to make a checklist of the major considerations a new homeowner may have with their plumbing. After all with plumbing, like many things, a little bit of attention and information up front can save a lot of time, trouble and expense down the line.

  • Find out the date of the last boiler servicing. You can usually find this out from the estate agent, it’s helpful to get a copy of any related paperwork if possible. If it has been anything like 12 months, it’s a good idea to book a visit from a Gas Registered plumber.
  • Try to get hold of the paperwork from the installation/purchase of the boiler. You’ll want to establish how old the boiler is and what the warranty period is, check your boiler has been registered and whether the warranty is still valid.
  • Check for lead pipes. It’s easy to overlook this but lead piping is no longer used in new water pipes (it’s against the law) and can present risks to your health at home. There are ways to deal with this issue but having them all replaced is by far the best.
  • Understand what sort of heating system the house has. Is it a gravity-fed or pump pressurised system? Is there an additional immersion system? It’s unlikely you have a oil boiler rather than gas but it’s also a possibility. Getting some accurate details down, maybe by drawing a simple diagram of your home plumbing can be very helpful as you get to know your new home and if you need any work doing on it.
  • Find your water stop tap/shut off valve
  • Find your gas shut off valve

Need help with your new plumbing or heating?

If you’ve got a new plumbing or heating system on your hands and have some trouble or need an inspection or service, it’s time to find a good gas safe plumber. If you happen to be in the Tamworth area or in one of the surrounding towns like Lichfield, Atherstone or Kingsbury, SC Plumbing will be glad to help. We’ve got a lot of experience with all kinds of boilers and have ‘seen it all’ when it comes to unusual plumbing configurations, we’re confident we can handle anything your new plumbing system can throw at us.

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