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Make sure your plumber commissions your new boiler properly

Installing a new boiler is a serious business. Not only does gas plumbing present a risk if done poorly, it’s also an expensive job and can be done badly causing problems down the line.

All boiler installers are required by law to be gas safe registered and that includes adhering to the required practises. To help us on our way the Heating and Hotwater Industry Council (HHIC) work with manufacturers to provide us with a commissioning guide for each boiler we install.

HHIC gas boiler commissioning checklist

This is a checklist for your gas plumber to record a range of readings from your boiler, to confirm specific details about the work they have done and to confirm they’ve properly informed their customer of all they need to know.

It can help you cross-examine a gas plumber and make sure you’re happy to get hold of the commissioning checklist for your boiler before or during installation.

Good gas plumbers have recently been getting up to speed with the October 19 update to the checklist. As you might imagine, things change gradually over time and the commissioning procedure is no exception.

There’s one point on the checklist we take very seriously but find many plumbers hash over.

new boiler commissioning checklist

The manufacturer’s literature, including Benchmark Checklist and Service Record has been explained and left with the customer
– from HHIC New Boiler Commissioning Checklist

Educating you fully is required by law

This means that it’s the installers responsibility to correctly explain all the important operation information properly to the customer.

For me takes from an hour to an hour and a half. I make sure my customer is ready to live happily with their boiler, to know how to get the best from it, how to watch out for issues and all about the servicing requirements.

I want my customers to understand everything they need to about their boiler, it’s important to know how the controls work, how to fill it and check for basic signs of bad health. It means you’ll have a great experience with your heating system in the long term.

In summary

Commissioning a boiler is a formal process required by law and it’s an essential part of good customer service. As a customer, the first step is being aware of the commissioning checklist and talking to your plumber about how they carry that out. If you have doubts, or find your plumber isn’t very knowledgeable, I advise you to run a mile. If you’re about to spend a sizeable amount of money on a new boiler, why settle for an average gas plumber? I hope you can use this information to get the vey best from your boiler installation.

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