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Proud to reach 100 five star plumbing reviews

This latest article is really just a short one to say thank you to all of my customers out there in Tamworth and the surrounding area. When I started out as a plumber I was sure I was going to do the best job I could. Over the years I’ve worked hard to build a reputation in my local area for doing an honest and reliable job and being a plumber you can trust.

Getting to know customers better, helping them through emergencies and upgrades alike and building a regular customer base has been very satisfying for me. Although I probably don’t do as many jobs as other companies in the area, I’m proud I’ve managed to accumulate the most 5 star reviews. I think it’s a great sign that I’m doing something right.

Thank you to everyone who left me a review, it really helps my business prosper. It makes it easy for the people of Tamworth, Atherstone, Lichfield and all the surrounding villages to find a plumber they can trust. You can read some of my plumbing reviews on my website and there’s a link to see them all direct on Google too.

I’m going to keep on working away, installing boilers, repairing radiators and responding to emergency plumbing calls and hope to see plenty more jobs well done and 5 star online reviews.

100 Google Reviews

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