Heating & Boiler installation

Gas heating installations are my absolute favourite. Having the chance to set up a system in just the right way isn’t repetitive, in fact it’s the exact opposite. Finding the right solutions for each installation is a challenge I have enjoyed the most over the years.

As a fully qualified and Gas Safe Registered installer I’m more than able to handle the largest home installations and many commercial installations also.

Just a few of the heating installation services I offer:

  • Gas appliance installation
  • Boiler upgrades/installation
  • Control valves, pumps, tanks and cylinders installed
  • Radiator upgrades/installations

Why I favour Baxi Boiler systems

baxi approved installer

Through my years of experience I’ve worked with all kinds of boiler systems from all the main manufacturers. I’ve got an eye for solid construction and a job done properly and this has led me to love Baxi. Baxi are a British brand and have been making boilers since 1866.

Today their reputation speaks for itself and their boilers are well known for lasting through decades of use when properly installed and maintained. Competing brands have ‘gone plastic’ with many components that Baxi still believe must be made of high performance metals, in my experience this sort of thing makes all the difference in how the boiler lasts in the real world.

When I advise my customers to use a Baxi boiler I’m confident it’s the choice they’ll be happiest with in the long run and will give them the best performance. I’m proud that a British company is at the forefront of boiler performance and that every time I install one I’m continuing a tradition of over 150 years.

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On all our heating & boiler work.

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