Emergency Plumbing

When you need a plumber in a hurry there’s no time to waste. So I’ll keep it simple with some helpful bullet points about my emergency plumbing service

  • I operate in the Tamworth area and surrounding towns and villages as far as Atherstone and Lichfield.
  • I will resolve your plumbing emergency like a professional and charge you fairly.
  • I am a fully qualified gas safe registered plumber.
  • You can get a sense of my service quality by reading my customer reviews from Google.
  • I cannot guarantee I can respond at any time, if I can respond, I won’t let you down.

Emergency plumbing during the Coronavirus

During the Coronavirus lockdown, it’s my duty to cease all non-essential plumbing work and stay at home with my family. So if you’ve got a non-essential plumbing requirement, please feel free to contact me so we can discuss it and pencil it in for a more normal time.

This does not apply to emergency plumbing. If you have a genuine plumbing emergency, I am available to respond and put it right even during the lockdown.

Examples of emergency plumbing issues

  • If your boiler isn’t working, no hot water and/or heating, especially if there is a vulnerable person affected
  • If you have water leaking into the home, preventing flooding and serious damage is an emergency
  • If you have any genuine safety concerns about a gas appliance
  • If some plumbing failure will put someone vulnerable at risk. I can’t foresee all circumstances, if there’s real risk, it’s my duty to respond.

Coronavirus precautions

Every emergency job I attend will have to be managed individually to some extent to limit contact between me and my customer. However in addition to planning each job to reduce infection risk, I have a standard procedure to ensure I reduce risk.

  • I wear gloves wherever possible, they are properly washed between jobs
  • I clean the van interior between jobs especially the parts I touch
  • I wash my hands regularly before, during and after jobs
  • I ensure all my regular tools are cleaned along with the van interior
Emergency plumber response

I’m also strictly observing self isolation outside of these emergency duties, the risk to you and to my family is minimised by my precautions and I’m serious about adhering to my duty diligently.

Free help by phone for anyone in the Tamworth area during Coronavirus

It might interest you to know that in addition to still being available in an emergency, I’m also offering free advice by phone if it can help with any plumbing issue or concern.

Find out all about my free phone service during the Coronavirus


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