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Whether you need value issues repairing or a whole new radiator system installing, it’s important to deal with a gas plumber who only wants the best for your heating system overall. At SC Plumbing we have a passion for great heating systems and an incredible reputation for gas plumbing in the Tamworth area, you can be sure we’ll take great pride in doing a fantastic job.

The heating system that runs through a building can seem complex but to us it all makes perfect sense.

When we make changes to a heating system we make sure we take the whole system into account to ensure our customers get just the right solutions for long term reliable results.

radiator cold spots and blockages
better flowing radiator

Radiator & heating issues

A home heating system can be quite complex and even the most reliable system can develop issues as time goes by. Radiator valves can need servicing or repairing, pipes can become damaged and heating systems can get blocked with sediment. At SC Plumbing we can quickly diagnose the problem and provide the right solution.

If you’re not entirely happy with your heating system, we’re an ideal choice to help you resolve it. We can advise you to take just the right measures to bring your system back to full health and avoid you wasting money or fixing something only to have it break again.

radiator power flushing

Power flushing

Just through normal use, heating systems produce internal metallic sediments. These inhibit the flow of heat, provide resistance to the boiler and will eventually start causing more serious issues. Keeping your radiators clear of this gunk will help ensure they perform at their best, your boiler gets an easier life and your whole system is healthier.

We use a high quality power flushing system, it gets excellent results every time. Power flushing works by driving cleaning fluid through a radiator that has been sealed off from the rest of the heating system. Our machine will drive enormous amounts of gunk out of a blocked up radiator and leave it clear and working well.

Some of radiator and heating services

  • Radiator installation
  • Raditor valve replacement
  • Leaky radiators
  • New piping/leaking pipe repairs
  • Vertical column radiator installation
  • Thermostats repaired/replaced
  • Smart thermostat upgrades

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It’s unwise to call a plumber to work on your boiler without checking a few things first. It’s a legal requirement that a gas plumber is gas safe registered, you can check their number online to make sure it’s valid. With online reviews you can hear about how their other customers rated a plumber. We want all of our customers to be fully assured before calling us.

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