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A correctly installed modern boiler is a fantastic thing. Your new boiler should be efficient, reliable, easy to live with and cost effective to service. It can be difficult looking for the right boiler and the right gas plumber to fit it. There’s a lot of choice and it can be confusing.

SC Plumbing is a leading boiler specialist in the Tamworth area, every year we perform over 50 boiler installations in Tamworth, each one fully up to spec and commissioned properly.When you come to us for a new boiler, you are guaranteed to receive a first rate service from a fully qualified gas plumber who cares deeply about ensuring you get an outstanding experience from your boiler.

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Boilers are important

Investing in a new boiler is a big decision. It’s responsible for keeping your utilities running just right for years. It’s where a lot of money will be burned and it’s a major consumer of energy. Choosing the right boiler can be confusing, and it’s usually best to get some professional help. As my customer you’ll get the full benefit of all of my experience to help us choose just the right boiler.

A perfect boiler installation is one where the customer gets just the right boiler, installed in just the right way. No two jobs are the same and it takes experience and testing to come to an ideal answer. I take great pride in the quality of my boiler installation work, they’re protected by my guarantee and the boilers are covered by impressive warranty terms. As my customer you can expect a job done well and a boiler that serves you well for years.

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Quality Installations

At SC Plumbing we have a few policies that make all the difference to our boiler installation customers. We inspect the existing system carefully and seek to understand any unique features or unusual traits it has. We’ve found that taking time planning is the key to getting a smooth and successful boiler installation.

We only recommend high quality & reliable boilers to our customers and we use only reliable and fully time-tested parts. We make sure things are done properly even if it takes more time. Once our installation is complete we use modern diagnosis tools to verify boiler efficiency and always leave you with a printed copy for your records. Our installations are of course protected by manufacturer warranty and our own guarantee.

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Why I favour Baxi Boiler systems

Through my years of experience I’ve worked with all kinds of boiler systems from all the main manufacturers. I’ve got an eye for solid construction and a job done properly and this has led me to love Baxi. Baxi are a British brand and have been making boilers since 1866. Today their reputation speaks for itself and their boilers are well known for lasting through decades of use when properly installed and maintained.

Competing brands have ‘gone plastic’ with many components that Baxi still believe must be made of high performance metals, in my experience this sort of thing makes all the difference in how the boiler lasts in the real world. When I advise my customers to use a Baxi boiler I’m confident it’s the choice they’ll be happiest with in the long run. I’m proud that a British company is at the forefront of boiler performance and that every time I install one I’m continuing a tradition of over 150 years.

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What’s included in our boiler installation services

  • Full inspection of your current system
  • Consultation on ideal boiler for your needs
  • Options for combi boilers, heat only and system boilers.
  • Control valves, pumps, tanks and cylinders installed if required
  • Flushing of whole radiator system, removing built up gunk that can cause problems
  • Full testing and gas safe certificate upon completion

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Trusting a plumber with your boiler installation is a big step, I want you to be completely assured. It’s a legal requirement that a gas plumber is gas safe registered, you can check their number online. The great things about online reviews is that you can hear about how other customers rated a plumber. Check out the links below.

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