Boiler Servicing

It’s important to look after your boiler. The average U.K household spends £1254 a year on gas (data from Ofgem 2019), with so much money being burnt in a boiler it really pays to keep it in working efficiently in top condition.

If a boiler is neglected it will start wasting your money and rasie the risk of a potentially serious safety issue. We have a passion for heating systems working perfectly. When you call us out to service your boiler, you’ll find we’re thorough, knowledgeable and won’t hestiate to take some extra time to make sure we identify every issue and properly resolve it.

magna clean radiator cleaning
magna flush removing gunk

Magna Clean

Eventually a boiler and radiator system will get clogged up with metallic sludge which will impair the flow of heat and put strain on the boiler long before you notice a serious problem. We have a range of solutions at our disposal, one of the best is the Magna Clean system. This can be fitted to a heating system and uses powerful magnets to pick up an impressive coating of thick sludge.

The Magna Clean system you see here is just one magnet based system we can deploy for our customers. In addition to this we offer power flushing and the full range of boiler repair services you’d expect from a complete gas plumbing service. Our boiler servicing is thorough and backed up by everything you need to remedy problems we find long before they become costly or troublesome.

Boiler emissions testing
testing of the gas supply
boiler emissions testing equipment
boiler electrical testing

Quality boiler servicing

Not all gas plumbers approach servicing the same way. To us it’s not a tick-box exercise, it’s a serious investigation into the health of your heating system. We are thorough and careful, we allow ourselves time to check into things a little further if necessary. It’s all about understanding if the system has issues developing and catching them before they become costly and troublesome.

Our boiler servicing includes the full range of appropriate tests. We’ve invested in top quality equipment that enables us to properly confirm boiler efficiency, electrical safety and gas supply safety. Being able to inspect directly and get measurement data ensures we’ll spot issues others might miss and be able to give you the best possible advice.

What’s included in our boiler servicing

  • We’ll strip down your boiler and insepct all of the working components
  • We’ll test the gas pressure
  • We test the boiler emissions to ensure they’re clean and safe
  • We clean, replace or adjust any parts required
  • We’ll reassemble the boiler and attach the casing
  • We’ll test all the controls
  • We’ll give you any advice on boiler care and safety
  • We can arrange to pencil in our next service appointment

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It’s unwise to call a plumber to service your boiler without checking a few things first. It’s a legal requirement that a gas plumber is gas safe registered, you can check their number online to make sure it’s valid. With online reviews you can hear about how other customers rated a plumber. You can check out my qualifications and reviews below.

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