Boiler Repair

When boilers go wrong, it can be frustrating, coslty and even dangerous. It’s essential to deal with a fully qualifed and experienced plumber who will put the problem right but also that you’re charged fairly and only for what you need.

Sometimes boiler faults can be part of a wider gas plumbing problem and just repairing the broken part will not resolve it in the long term. If you’re had reoccuring issues, it’s likely you’ve got a problem like this. We have plenty of experience installing boilers and heating systems and have come across all kinds of gas plumbing installations good and bad, old and modern. Whatever the cause of your boiler repair issue, you can trust us to get to the bottom of it and know how to resolve it properly.

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Expert boiler repairs

The key to a successful boiler repair is fully understanding the problem. My thorough inspection relies on modern tools and an experienced eyeball in equal measures. Many issues occur for underlying reasons, we take pride in finding these and ensuring our repairs leave your system not just fixed, but in better health for the long term.

I take great pleasure in a well maintained heating system working properly. I’ve spent years performing heating installations and getting the system working just right. This plus my professional training has given me an uncanny ability to understand not only what may be the immediate cause of a heating problem but how to help that system stay healthy for years and ultimately cost less in the long run.

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A complete repair service

We work with every gas boiler type and can repair any issue large or small. We arrive equipped for anything from electrical repairs to pipe soldering. Sometimes a repair can be made immediately, but where parts must be ordered we’ll order only quality components and get them as quickly as possible to get your issue resolved as fast as possible.

Although I prefer Baxi Boilers I’ve got years of experience working with a wide range of brands and models. If you’ve got a tricky issue with an older boiler, it’s likely I’ll still be familiar enough with it to get it sorted.

What’s included in our boiler repair services

  • In an emergency boiler failure, we’ll make it safe and do what we can to minimise the inconvenience
  • We’ll carefully assses the root cause of the problem
  • We’ll discuss with you the options to resolve it
  • We’ll repair the problem properly using the correct quality parts
  • We’ll test your system to make sure the problem is fully resolved
  • Our work is covered by our gas plumbing guarantee

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It’s unwise to call a plumber to repair your boiler without checking a few things first. It’s a legal requirement that a gas plumber is gas safe registered, you can check their number online to make sure it’s valid. I invite you to check out my qualifications and don’t forget to read my reviews.

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