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When you’ve worked with boilers and their issues as long as we have you learn to really appreciate things that are made properly. When it comes to boilers Baxi have our full confidence and for good reason. Over the years the progress in the boiler manufcturing industry hasn’t all been positive. Whilst technology has allowed for more efficient and easy to control heating systems, many manufacturers have been cutting costs by using plastic in place of metal for several components of a boiler and making fittings a little less solidly. When I work on Baxi boilers, I really like the standards of engineering and build quality I wouldn’t use anything else in my own home.

Authorised Baxi Engineer

We have worked to ensure we’re a leading Authorised Baxi Boiler Installer and Servicer in the Tamworth and surrounding areas and are fully integrated with Baxi’s online registration and warranty repair system. You can come direct to me for warranty repairs on your Baxi Boiler and I deal direct with Baxi on your behalf via an online system. We love old fashioned boiler construction but also the benefits of modern technology when it comes to customer service.