Boilers and Heating

Welcome to the Boilers and Heating section of our website. We have training and experience suitable for all types of water and gas plumbing but are especially well known for our work with boilers and heating systems.

For years we’ve provided a first rate gas plumbing service to our customers across the Tamworth area, that’s why you’ll find we have the best reviews on Google in our area.

Whatever you need from a leaking valve to a new installation with smart thermostats and all the trimmings, SC Plumbing will do a fantastic job and for a reasonable price. Read on to find out more in detail about the services that you’re interested in.

Heating & Boiler installation

A correctly installed modern boiler is a fantastic thing. Your new boiler should be efficient, reliable, easy to live with and cost effective to service. It can be difficult looking for the right boiler and the right gas plumber to fit it. There’s a lot of choice and it can be confusing. SC Plumbing is a leading boiler specialist in the Tamworth area, every year we perform over 50 boiler installations in Tamworth, each one fully up to spec and commissioned properly.When you come to us for a new boiler, you are guaranteed to receive a first rate service from a fully qualified gas plumber who cares deeply about ensuring you get an outstanding experience from your boiler.

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heating and boiler repair

Boiler Repair

When boilers go wrong, it can be frustrating, coslty and even dangerous. It’s essential to deal with a fully qualifed and experienced plumber who will put the problem right but also that you’re charged fairly and only for what you need. Sometimes boiler faults can be part of a wider gas plumbing problem and just repairing the broken part will not resolve it in the long term. If you’re had reoccuring issues, it’s likely you’ve got a problem like this. We have plenty of experience installing boilers and heating systems and have come across all kinds of gas plumbing installations good and bad, old and modern. Whatever the cause of your boiler repair issue, you can trust us to get to the bottom of it and know how to resolve it properly.

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Gas boiler servicing tool

Boiler Servicing

It’s important to look after your boiler. The average U.K household spends £1254 a year on gas (data from Ofgem 2019), with so much money being burnt in a boiler it really pays to keep it in working efficiently in top condition. If a boiler is neglected it will start wasting your money and rasie the risk of a potentially serious safety issue. We have a passion for heating systems working perfectly. When you call us out to service your boiler, you’ll find we’re thorough, knowledgeable and won’t hestiate to take some extra time to make sure we identify every issue and properly resolve it.

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radiators & heating repairs and installation

Radiators & Heating

Whether you need value issues repairing or a whole new radiator system installing, it’s important to deal with a gas plumber who only wants the best for your heating system overall. At SC Plumbing we have a passion for great heating systems and an incredible reputation for gas plumbing in the Tamworth area, you can be sure we’ll take great pride in doing a fantastic job. The heating system that runs through a building can seem complex but to us it all makes perfect sense. When we make changes to a heating system we make sure we take the whole system into account to ensure our customers get just the right solutions for long term reliable results.

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