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Hello and welcome to my website, I’m Shaun Cooney. To understand my plumbing history you have to start a little further back when I was an Army Engineer. In the Armed forces you learn to live your role and know it inside out, an Army engineer has to get real results from equipment and materials in just about any circumstances. I later discovered that this is a perfect foundation for becoming a top notch plumber.

More about Shaun

Shaun of SC plumbing TamworthOver the years since my Army days I’ve studied hard in both the practice and theory of a great many aspects of plumbing to gain all the proper qualifications in gas, water and bathroom plumbing. I approached my plumbing training like I did my Army training. I put in the time, repeated the actions and honed the skill until I could do it with my eyes shut. This has served me well when working on tricky jobs in hard to access places.

army engineer medals

I’ve learned that I absolutely love plumbing, it is enormously satisfying to do a job properly and achieve the desired result to a high standard. Every day I wake up glad to be facing new plumbing challenges, as corny as it sounds, I genuinely love my job.

I’m currently studying oil system engineering to add that to my list of qualifications and allowing me to say that I’m truly trained in every main area of home and commercial plumbing. My learning will not stop there, I’m looking forward to pursuing further training in other plumbing specialisms whilst keeping an eye on the latest in plumbing and gas technology.

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When you call us out to your plumbing or heating job, you’ll be getting the benefit of years of experience and training and truly dedicated and motivated tradespeople to deal with your needs. We’re proud of the quality of our work and our customers are delighted too, just take a look at our reviews.

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